The 3 pillars of our service:

Installation & Maintenance

100% Financing

école en transition

Raising Awareness

1. Conception, Installation and Maintenance

Analyse your electricity bills
Evaluate the cost of the solar panels
Detailed presentation of the offer
Installation and maintenance of the panels
Raise awareness among the students

2. Your sustainable project is 100% financed by us

  • We finance 100% of your project thanks to our local finance cooperative and our crowdfunding platform

  • Your school benefits of free electricity production for a period of 25 years minimum

  • Your school secures earnings without having spent a euro, and this since the first year.

  • Sun for Schools receives the green certificates generated by the installation and a rent equivalent to a portion of the gains from the school’s reduced electricity bills.

  • After 10 years, the school becomes the sole owner of the panels.

3. Raising Awareness, Mobilization and Involvement

  • At Sun for Schools we believe that the installation of photovoltaic panels without involving the community is a missed opportunity in terms of societal and environmental impact.

  • Our project therefore includes a strong educational program of awareness and mobilization​​

  • It targets all the structuring layers of the school such as the central nucleus, the teaching staff and the pupils, but especially the larger community which revolves around the school: parents, grandparents, neighbors and other citizens


Savings for 25 years

Enjoy energy savings over a minimum of 25 years thanks to the reduction of your electricity bill

Reducing your carbon footprint

Benefit from a green image by reducing the energy footprint of your building

Educating the community

Create sustainable lifestyle awareness within your school’s community

Ready to join the adventure?

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