Why register your school?

Enjoy a green image by reducing the energy footprint of your building.

Take advantage of energy savings over 25 years by reducing your electricity bill.

Enable awareness of your entire community to be more sustainable.

éducation à l'environnement

Make a donation

Provide students with education on renewable technologies, waste management and sustainable food.

Help schools promote more sustainable initiatives.

Be part of a community committed to a school and a green citizen project.

Finance training modules to make the next generation aware of the challenges of tomorrow.


Become a Sun For Schools Cooperator

Benefit from a sustainable and profitable investment in a context of low interest rates.

Promote local investment by directly financing a school near your.

Participate in an innovative, collaborative and participatory funding model.

Tax reduction*
45 %
2 %
*To benefit from the tax shelter, you must keep your shares for a period of 4 years.